Book signing Libby Atwater Temple



Libby loves telling stories and enjoys making presentations about her work. She has spoken to diverse groups about the power of story to convey values, gain insight, overcome hardships, share thoughts and feelings, preserve the past, and connect generations. These groups include estate planners, religious organizations, health care and senior living facilities, hospices, genealogical societies, service clubs, museums, book clubs, writers’ conferences, and writing groups. Sharing her work brings joy, and knowing that others value her efforts is an added reward.

Now that she has published her memoir award-winning What Lies Within and coauthored The Spirit of Villarosa, she continues to make presentations and sign her books. If your group needs a speaker, please contact her. A speaking stipend is greatly appreciated.

To contact this award-winning author for a presentation, e-mail, or call 805 642-2672.